Old Town is literally lined with dozens of souvenir, antique and speciality stores, not to mention clothing and footwear. Within Old Town the main shopping streets are Viru, Muurivahe, Suur-Karja, Vaike-Karja and Kullassepa. In the city centre, the two department stores Kaubamaja (Gonsiori 2) and Stockmann (Liivalaia 53) offer everything from electronics to cosmetics as well as large clothing sections for women, men and children. Tallinn's largest shopping centre is located in Kristiine and is aptly named the Kriistine Centre (Endla 46). Here you will find basically everything that is for sale in Tallinn, along with a couple of cafes, restaurants and a large supermarket. Other smaller centres include the Lemon Centre (Estonia 2) and De La Gardie (Viru 13/15) but these mainly stock clothes. The beautifully restored Demini Centre (on the corner of Viru and Vene) is reserved for more expensive clothing boutiques.

Most shops in the Old Town and department stores throughout the city are open seven days a week.The best places to find quality fashion, shoes, perfume and the like are the elegant boutiques along Old Town's Viru and Muurivahe streets, and the large, full-service department stores and malls that have recently been appearing all over Tallinn. Even more intriguing for the adventurous shopper is the Katariina Passage. Here in medieval-style workshops run by the Katariina Guild's artists, onlookers watch as glasswork, ceramics, leather goods, quilts and other items are created right before their eyes.