Hidden Treasures

City Tour by Private Tram
Take a private tram and enjoy a unique tour of Tallinn that shows you far more than you would see on an ordinary sightseeing tour. The tour takes you from the beautiful Kadriorg Park of Tallinn to the modern and highly developed city centre to the Soviet-era city suburbs, which most tourists never get to see. Snacks and beverages will be on offer to make the tour even cozier and more enjoyable.

Tricks by Smiths
What do you need to feel happy? Perhaps you need to take a look back in time and see for yourself how people once lived in Medieval times. This memorable tour will take you back through the centuries, so you can eat in an authentic old restaurant and visit the Yard of Medieval Masters, where ancient smithies work on authentic anvils, and are waiting to show you the tricks of their trades. To be the smith of your fortune or to forge a good luck horse shoe and mark one with your initials is an experience you'll never forget.

Ms. Lady Fabulous
Ms. “Lady Fabulous” greets the group in her usual manner, i.e. dressed as if she was going to the fanciest gala party ever in an enormous wig, a ton of make-up, a glittering dress and teetering high heels. But Ms. Fabulous won't be the only one dressed to the nines. She'll bring plenty of accessories for the group (warm-coloured glasses, wigs, hats etc). The fabulous excursion will take the now-snazzily dressed group to unique locations in and around the Old Town. Each location has its own story with its own fabulous facts and legends.

Generous Tallin
The Old Town is full of spiritual and physical treasures, such as the fountain of wisdom and luck. Who dares to obtain it will be rich and blessed, or so says the fascinating old Tallinn legend. Guests are welcome to hunt down treasures that have been safely guarded in town walls by spirits for centuries.

Tallinn Dominican Monastery
The journey starts with a torchlight procession through an ancient archway. Inside the monks' chamber of the monastery, candle flames flutter, the aroma of herbs is in the air and a cauldron bubbles. The hidden secrets of the Tallinn Dominican Monastery appear before your eyes: the secret life of the monks, the mysterious column of energy and a spell-binding liquor. Using a special recipe and a little imagination, every monk makes his own individual liquor.

Helping Old Thomas to Find the Key
Reception at the medieval Town Hall by the historical symbol of Tallinn - Old Thomas, the guard and the flag-man of Tallinn, who has been keeping the eye on the city from the Town Hall Tower from middle ages until today. Thomas asks the group to help him to find the key of the city he had lost. The group will be divided in teams and search for the key in the Old Town learning funny and interesting facts about Tallinn and competing with each other.